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Attend a Horn Photo Used Camera Buying Event

Selling used cameras in Fresno has never been easier! Attending a buying event at Horn Photo is a great way to sell your used equipment without the hassle of selling it online and the worry associated with shipping it across the country (i.e. it arriving in one piece). Another benefit to attending a Horn Photo buying event is that we will often times offer a trade in reward. That means you might be able to receive in-store credit for old cameras and apply the credit toward purchasing a new camera!


Our Next Buying Event

March 15, 16 & 17


All you need to do is bring in the camera gear you have for sale and a valid ID. We will handle the rest! Since these buying events are popular, there may be a wait from time to time to see our road buyer. What we try to do to alleviate the wait is to offer an appointment only day—typically the day before the advertised buying event days. We recommend checking in with us in advance to see if we're offering an appointment day.


Here are some things to keep in mind about our used camera buying events:

  • Prices on camera gear can fluctuate depending on supply and demand. If you are thinking about buying a new camera, it may be beneficial to sell your camera before the latest model is released as buy prices generally drop once a newer model is available on the market.
  • We are not always able to make an offer to purchase certain older or broken items; however, we will certainly be happy to help you recycle the items in an environmentally friendly manner if you would like to donate them.


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